Why I started playing the piano

There are parents who enroll children at a football club, others at gymnastics or ballet, and other parents who opt for piano classes. It is very true that the learning process is a long one, but it is worthwhile, due to the benefits that these lessons piano they have on your child:
– Piano classes help children at school. There are numerous studies that confirm that a child who knows how to play an instrument also has better results in cognitive development tests. Also, children playing piano have better grades in math.
– Piano classes increase confidence in your own person. Learning to play piano is a tough job that requires dedication. When the younger one presents his talent for playing piano, this will increase his self-confidence as much as winning a match in a sports competition. The piano lessons also help their children learn how to keep a positive perspective when faced with difficult tasks.
– Piano classes increase the ability to co-ordinate. Children who learn to play piano increase their coordination ability between eyes and hands. They also improve their fine motor skills and, unlike other instruments, the piano requires that both hands work independently of one another, one moves quickly and the other moves slowly. All of this helps to increase the child’s general dexterity and complex thinking processes.
– Piano classes help children concentrate. Choosing a musical score requires a lot of concentration, causing a child to interpret a note and a rhythm to reproduce in hand movements on the keyboard. Reading and playing the score allows them to think creatively, which is a skill that will help them in the future.
– Piano classes help to develop general culture. Even if a child plays a piano for a short period of time, the long-term effects will be many and will feel. When taking piano classes, children come into contact with classical music and discover famous composers whom they may otherwise have not heard. In addition, the skills and knowledge he has acquired while taking piano lessons can help him choose a new musical instrument to study.

Piano classes in Bucharest can be followed by Ballet Art, and the piano course duration is 60 minutes.

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