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Erotic massage is an art. It is way more than just a skill – it requires a very good knowledge of the human body, a deep want to give pleasure and the unique ability to create intimacy and awaken desire. The masseuses at Confidential Salon in Bucharest are masters of this craft. They have the ability to seduce you so that you will surrender to them completely, in both mind and body. The masseuses are selected carefully, based on beauty, wits and the way they are capable to mesmerize with their presence. Thought to respect both you and each other, always elegant and  up to speed with the latest massage techniques, all of our girls will enchant you. Your main problem will be having to pick one!

And, to make everything even more thrilling, on the massage menu you now have the option of choosing a double massage, so in case you feel like you just cannot decide between two girls, you can have both. Just imagine that, four soft hands gently touching and caressing your body and the company of not just one, but two naked beauties.  Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Exploring your sexual desires and offering yourself a moment of relaxation, pleasure and discovery through erotic massage can, sometimes, be something perceived as taboo. But it doesn’t have to be. There is no reason whatsoever for you to deny yourself this sensuous experience, erotic massage has been around for millenia. And no wonder why, giving the fact that it is such an intimate and intense way of experiencing sexuality. And the deep relaxation that you will experience is guaranteed to do wonders for your health – from the replenishing of sexual energy to the stimulation of the circulatory system and the relaxation of the mind, you will feel rejuvenated for sure!

And if you are in a committed relationship, but you wish to spark thing up a little and find something new and exciting that you and your partner can enjoy together, an erotic massage at Confidential Salon can be the perfect solution for  you. Together in an intimate environment, you can let our masseuses bring out the most hidden desires in you, so that the both of you can get to know each other in a new, thrilling way.


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